An Introduction to Android

An Introduction to Android

by Sanjay Nair February 17, 2018

An Introduction To Android

  • Android gives us a rich application framework that allows us to create innovative applications and games for mobile devices using the Java language environment.
  • If you are a newbie to Android development, then it is very essential for you to understand the concepts covered in the following sections related to

Android app framework:

  • Android apps provide multiple entry point options:
  • Applications are created as a combination of different components that can be called individually.
  • For example, a single activity provides us a screen for user interface and a service operates independently and does the work in the background.
  • You can start another component from one component using an
  • You can even call a component in a different application, for example an activity in a maps application to display an address.
  • This model allows multiple entry spots for a single application and allows any application to act like a user’s default for an action that other applications may invoke.
  • Android application can adapt to different devices
  • Android gives an adaptive app framework where we are allowed to provide unique resources for different types of device configurations.
  • For instance, one can create different XML layout files for screens of varying sizes and the system decides which layout to apply based on the device’s screen size.
  • One can query the availability of any device features required by an app during runtime such as requiring a hardware like a camera.
  • If needed , you can also declare features that your application needs so that markets like Google Play do not install application on devices that do not support such features.

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