Features of Java

Features of Java

by Sanjay Nair December 25, 2017

Features of Java

Java programming language has a syntax similar to C language. It was developed by Sun engineer James Gosling on May 23, 1995. This Java Tutorial is about the java features. The main features of Java language are:

  • It is platform independent language:

Java programs are converted into byte code and byte code is a machine independent code. Hence it can execute on any machine/platform.

  • Java uses compiler as well as interpreter:

Java program is compiled by compiler and converted into byte code. Then byte code is executed by interpreter line by line.

  • Java is an object-oriented programming language:

Java supports all the features of Object Oriented Programming.

  • Java is an easy and familiar language:

Java supports syntax that is similar to C and C++ for control statements, conditional statement, variable declaration and operators.

  • Java is a robust language:

It supports exception handling for handling run time error.

  • Java supports multi-programming:

It supports thread to implement multi programming.

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