What HTML is ?

What HTML is ?

by Ashish Ezhava December 10, 2017

HTML stands for the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. HTML is the basic language which can help the user to build a static website. So let just understand with and basic example that what HTML is and how does it works.

The HTML is consist of tags and as per their definition they have different uses. Let just take a look at the basic tags which should be used in every HTML program that you are going to make.

Below is the basic example of an HTML Document.


  • <!DOCTYPE html> tag defines that you are using the HTML 5.
  • <html> tag is the 1st and the last tag of every HTML program that you are going to make and do remember that every tag that you open in an HTML document should be closed and to close the tags in an HTML document you need to add a forward slash (/) before the tag.
  • <head> tag is consist of meta information that you are going to add to the program.
  • <title> tag is consist of the title of the page that you want to be appeared on the tab whenever you open the site in a web browser. Below is an example of an title tag.

Head Tag

  • <body> tag consist of the content that you want to show on a page. Once you save the above example with the test.html in the Notepad or any text editor. If you will open the file in a Web browser you won’t be able to see the content that is outside of the <body> tag. Below is the example of the above that will explain that the content inside the body tag is only visible on a Web Browser.



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